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 Duration : 3 Months
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NFT Certificate Programme
About Course

To grab the attention of most people, the videos should be crisp, entertaining, with top-notch graphics and animations. Wonder how to create such videos? The Blender software is perfect for such video creation and animations.

At Pepper Animations, you can get the best training on creating animations and visual graphics through Blender software. When you complete this course, it will surely open up many opportunities for you in the 3D designing industry.


The virtual fashion accessory design course will teach you the skills required to create virtual fashion accessories of your own. The course will help you design virtual fashion accessories for a range of Jewellery, handbags, shoes and hats.

The virtual assets in metaverse don’t have any limitations like physical world, you will apply creative thinking tools to stretch your imagination to conceptualise Avante-Garde virtual accessories for fashion, gaming and metaverse spaces.

The course will help you learn and apply software like blender, Zee brush, photoshop and substance etc to create and present the virtual accessories in your own unique style. Live sessions, doubt clearing sessions and workshops will consult and hand hold you during the creative process to design and execution of virtual fashion accessories. 

By the end of this course , you will be able to;
  • Follow systematic process of design conceptualisation to create virtual fashion accessories from scratch
  • Understand the requirement of fashion, gaming and metaverse virtual assets
  • Create variety of fashion accessories and create a range of accessories in the area of choice.
  • You will be able to create and unique and extraordinary range of materials and apply them in Jewellery, hats, handbags and shoe designs.
  • You will be able to present your virtual accessories in your own unique style
  1. Understand the creative conceptualisation of virtual fashion accessories.
  2. Design and Development of virtual materials, their properties and application in virtual accessory design.
  3. Virtual creation of Avant-Garde virtual fashion accessories
  4. Creating a unique range of fashion accessories and present them for fashion, gaming or metavrese


  • Blender

  • Zee brush

  • Substance

  • Photoshop

  • Premier Pro

Job Profiles

Virtual accessory designers, 3D artist for brands, 3D artist for advertisement agencies, 3D artist for creative studios, 3D artist for product modelling

Who can join

The course is designed for beginners however it can be great advantage for accessory designers and graphic designers.

Session Plan

Week 1- Introduction to Blender

Session 1-  The Blender Interface

1-1 The Blender Screen

1-2 Window Types

1-3 The User Preferences Window

1-4 Open, Saving and Appending Files

1-5 Packing Data

1-6 Importing Objects (from other file formats)


Session 2-  Working with Viewports (windows)

2-1 Moving Around in 3D Space

2-2 Window and Button Control

2-3 Creating Viewports

Doubt clearing session- 1 & 2

Week -2- Modelling

Session 3- Creating and Editing Objects

3-1 Working with Basic Meshes

3-3 Using Main Modifiers to Manipulate Meshes

3-5 Edit Mode- Mesh Editing

3-7 The Tool Shelf

3-8 Proportional Editing

3-15 Joining/Separating Meshes, Boolean Operations

Session  4- Materials and Textures

4-1 Basic Material Settings

4-3 Halo Settings

4-7 Basic Texture Settings

4-10 Using Images and Movies as Textures

4-12 Displacement Mapping

Doubt clearing session- 1 &2

Week 3- Hand Bags

Session 3.1- Design conceptualization and developing basic hand bag

Session 3.2- Design conceptualization and developing basic hand bag

Doubt clearing & feedback session- 1 & 2

Week 4- Footwear

Session 4.1- Understanding feet and legs, design conceptualisation, and design components of footwear

Session 4.2- Using various tools to create basic footwear

Doubt clearing & feedback session- 1 & 2

Week 5- Hats

Session 5.1- Understanding hats, basic structure and design conceptualisation

Session 5.2- Using various tools to create headwear

Doubt clearing & feedback session- 1 & 2

Week 6- Jewellery

Session 6.1- Understanding jewellery, basic components and design constrains to design jewellery

Session 6.2- Application of various tools to design jewellery

Doubt clearing & feedback session- 1 & 2

Week 7-8- Blender for Art Direction

Session 7- Setting Up a World

7-1 Using Color, Stars and Mist

7-2 Creating a 3D Cloud Background

7-3 Using an Image in the Background



Session 8- Lighting and Cameras

8-1 Camera Settings and Options

8-2 Lighting Types and Settings

8-4 Indirect Lighting



Session 9- Render Settings

7-1 Basic Setup Options

7-2 Rendering a JPEG Image

7-3 Creating an MPEG Movie File


Session 10- Ray-Tracing (mirror, transparency, shadows)

10-1 Lighting and Shadows

10-2 Reflection (mirror) and Refraction (transparency)

Week 9-10- Blender for Art direction- Animation & Virtual World

Session 11- Animation Basics

11-1 Basic Key-framing and Auto Key-framing

11-3 Working with the Graph Editor and Dope Sheet

11-7 Animating Materials, Lamps and World Settings (and more)


Session 12- Adding 3D Text

12-1 Blender 3D Text Settings

12-2 Converting to a Mesh



Session 13- NURBS and Meta Shape Basics

13-1 Using NURBS to create lofted shapes

13-2 Liquid and droplet effects using Meta Shapes



Session 14- Modifiers

14-1 Generate Modifiers

14-2 Deform Modifiers

14-3 Simulate Modifiers

Week 11-12- Creating virtual world

Session 15- Particle Systems and Interactions

15-1 Particle Settings

15-2 Using the Explode Modifier

15-3 Particle Interaction With Objects and Forces

15-4 Using Particles and Vertex Groups for Hair and Grass


Session 16- Child-Parent Relationships

16-1 Using Child-Parented Objects

16-2 Adjusting Object Origins (center points)


Session 17- Working With Constraints

17-1 Constraint Basics

17-2 Tracking To An Object

17-3Following Paths and Curves


Session 18- Armatures (bones and skeletons)

18-1 Using Armatures to Deform Meshes

18-4 Creating Bone Vertex Groups

18-5 Using Inverse Kinematics (IK) and Constraints


Session 19- Mesh Shape Keys (vertex editing)

19-1 Creating Mesh Shape Keys

19-2 Animating Shape Keys


Session 20- Object Physics

20-1 Using Soft Bodies

20-2 Creating Cloth Effects

20-3 Creating Fluid Effects

20-4 Creating Volume Smoke


Session 21- Working With Nodes

21-1 General Node Information

21-2 Using Nodes for Depth-Of-Field Camera Effects

Session 22- Creating Springs, Screws, Gears and other Add-On Shapes

22-1 Create Screws and Gears

22-2 Using Mesh Editing to Create Revolved Shapes

22-3 Blender Add-On Meshes

22-4 Using Logic Blocks

Session 23- Textures in the Game Engine

23-1 UV Texture Mapping


Session 24- Final Project review

Session 24.1- Project briefing- Developing a range of avant-garde virtual fashion accessory for a specific purpose (Design prototyping/ gaming/ virtual asset for metaverse)

Session 24.2- Project review and feedback

Session 24.3- Project review and feedback

Session 24.4- Project review and feedback

Student’s Work

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