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Metafashion Cinema4D Certificate
Construction of 3D Models and Assets
Metafashion 3 Month Course

 Duration : 3 Month
 Fees : Rs. 50,000/-
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NFT Certificate Programme
About the Course

Fashion design and 3D visualization are a magical combination: the digital tools allow you to experiment with new techniques and form shapes, textures, and patterns you never would have thought possible. Pattern making and sewing three-dimensional garments gives you the chance to visualize even the tiniest details and create any clothing item with zero limits and in photorealistic quality.


The Primary objective of this course is to make the students aware of an upcoming opportunity from the future. This is a future proof course and we want our student to take the maximum benefits from it.

We want to become a Launchpad for our students and help them build a successful career in NFTs and Metaverse.



1. Advanced Knowledge about NFT and NFT Blockchains
2. Deep Knowledge of Ethereum, Polygon, Solana Blockchains
3. Advanced Knowledge about Gas Fees
4. Creating NFTs using Physical Asset
5. Create 10000 NFTS and upload them automatically for FREE


1. Create 10000 NFTS and upload them automatically for FREE
2. 6 Step Formula to Buy, Sell, Create an NFT
3. Detailed Study on NFT Marketplaces – OpenSea, Rarible,
4. How to find an NFT art early before it is on OpenSea
5. Learn about Ethereum, Polygon, Solana Blockchains


  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • Cinema 4D
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2020
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2020
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • NET Render
  • PyroCluster
  • Projection Man
  • Adobe After Effects Professional CC
Job Profiles

3D Designer | 3D Artist | 3D Animator | 3D Modeller | Digital Graphics Artist | Virtual Reality Developer | 3D Asset Editor

Session Plan

Week 1: Introduction to Cinema4D

Class 1 : Introduction to Metafashion & Metaverse.

Exercise 1.1: Collect 10 metafashion garments/costumes.

Class 2 :  Introduction to CLO 3D interface/ workspace customisation/ library update/2D-3D windows/ import/export/ files and formats/ navigation/ gizmo/ basic tools and settings.

Exercise 1.2: Add a folder in CLO 3D library with working files/images.

Class 3 : Introduction to 2D Pattern/ polygon/ rectangle/ ellipse/ internal polygon-line/ internal rectangle/ internal ellipse/ perpendicular internal line/ offset internal lines/ 2D pattern edit

Exercise 1.3: Make polygon and draw internal ellipse/internal polygon line/internal rectangle and offset lines.

Assignment 1: Explore CLO 3D and customize your workspace.


Week 2: Introduction to Objects, Modelling and Materials

Class 1 :  Basic bodice pattern drafting using pattern development tools in CLO 3D. Introduction to stitching tools and basic garment construction using CLO 3D sewing tools/ Arrangement of 2D pattern on 3D avatar using arrangement points.

 Exercise 2.1: Collect 10 basic top images.

Class 2: Stitching the 3D garment on avatar/ Check the virtual test fit/ Pattern correction using fit map, pressure point, stress map.

 Exercise 2.2: Identify and draw the 2d patterns for any one Top.

Class 3: Creation and manipulation of dart & its variation/ adding fullness to the patterns.

Exercise 2.3: Collect 10 images for Top variation.

Assignment 2: Draft a basic top using basic bodice.

Week 3: Introduction to Lighting, Animation and Rendering

Class 1 : Basic sleeve pattern drafting for bodice/ sleeve arrangement and stitching/ check the virtual sleeve pattern/ pattern correction using fit map, stress map, pressure point.

Exercise 3.1: Collect 10 images of different lengths.

Class 2: Dart and its type/ Add dart with fullness/ Slash and spread/ Pleats/ Fold/ Sew pleats.

 Exercise 3.2: Collect 5 images for dart variation and pleats each.

Class 3: Notch/ Seam allowance/ 2D annotation/ Pattern symbols/ POM/ 2D measurements.

Exercise 3.3: Add notch/seam allowance and pattern symbols on any top 2D patterns.

Assignment 3: Add the sleeve on basic tops.

Week 4: Introduction to the Paint Wizard and Painting Session

Class 1 : Button/ buttonhole/ fasten-unfasten button/ button texture/ Zipper/Piping/ Binding/ Slider/ Puller/ Stoper/ Zip-unzip zippers/ Topstitch/ seamline stitch.

 Exercise 4.1: Add button or zipper on tops center front/center back.

Class 2 : Garment variations using basic bodice and sleeve pattern using pattern manipulation and trims.

 Exercise 4.2: Add top stitches on tops.

Class 3 : Garment variations using basic bodice and sleeve pattern using pattern manipulation and trims.

 Exercise 4.3: Add seamline stitch/piping/binding on tops.

Assignment 4: Make a top variation with sleeve, button, zipper, topstitch etc.

Week 5: Advanced Rendering Techniques

Class 1 : Basic trouser pattern drafting using CLO 3D/ Arrangement of 2D pattern on 3D avatar using arrangement points/ Stitching the 3D garment on avatar/ pattern correction using fit map, stress map, pressure point.

 Exercise 6.1: Collect 10 images for basic trousers of different length.

Class 2 : Trouser variations using basic trouser pattern in CLO 3D.

 Exercise 6.2: Collect 10 trouser images of different fit/style lines/silhouette/designs.

Class 3 : Basic Jeans pattern drafting and draping on avatar.

 Exercise 6.3: Collect 10 jeans images of different length/fit and designs.

Assignment 6: Make a trouser/jeans variation.

Week 6: Introduction to PyroCluster

Class 1 : Drafting T-shirt pattern/ Half-full sleeve with rib/ Drape on avatar.

Exercise 7.1: Collect 10 T-shirt images of different fit/shape/neck/styles.

Class 2 : Drafting a shirt pattern/ Half-full sleeve/ Drape on avatar.

 Exercise 7.2: Collect 10 shirts designs of different sleeve length/hem style/ collar/placket/pocket styles.

Class 3 : Drafting basic sweatshirt pattern/ Drape on avatar.

Exercise 7.3: Collect 10 images for sweatshirt designs having different sleeve/neck/style lines/fit/ pockets.

Assignment 7: Make a t-shirt/ shirt/ sweatshirt variation.


Week 7: Introduction to Advanced Shaders and Tags

Class 1 : Drafting basic jogger pattern/ Drape on avatar.

Exercise 8.1: Collect 10 Joggers images of different style/fit/length/pocket/waist band.

Class 2 : Drafting basic denim jacket 2D patterns using basic bodice block.

Exercise 8.2: Collect 10 images for denim jacket having different style/length/cut/sleeve/collar.

Class 3 : Arrange and drape jacket on avatar/ adding trims.

 Exercise 8.3: Make 2D pattern for any jacket.

Assignment 8: Make a jogger.


Week 8: Introduction to NET Render

Class 1 : Embellishment/embroidery/create embroidery texture, normal and displacement map using Photoshop.

Exercise 9.1: Collect 10 embroidery design images (high resolution).

Class 2 : Embellishment/ all over print/placement print/ create print texture, normal and displacement map using Photoshop.

 Exercise 9.2: Collect 10 print design (AOP/placement) images (high resolution).

Class 3 : Environment creating using HDRI/ Adding substance materials/ customize backdrop.

 Exercise 9.3: Collect 10 custom backdrop/HDRI images for your backdrop.

Assignment 9: Stylize your 3D garment with embroidery and different type of prints/ environment/ backdrop.

Week 9: Introduction to Dynamics

Class 1 : 3D detailing/ particle distance setting/ seamline folding/ Hi-low resolution garment/ Fold pattern/ seam taping/ Bond/ Skive/ Steam/ Shrink pattern/ Elastic/ Solidify/ Shirring.

Exercise 10.1: Fine tune your designs with the help of particle distance/seam taping/steam/shirring etc.

Class 2 : Avatar editing/ Face style/ Hair/Shoes/ Measure/ Automatic rigging/ Avatar size/ Skin offset/ Friction/ Avatar pose/ Arrangement point setting/ Fit to avatar/ open-save tape measure/ edit measurement.

Exercise 10.2: Customize your avatar with face style/hair/shoes/size/pose/measurement.

Class 3 : Render/ Render properties/ Lights properties/ Image-video properties/ Copy-save render image/ Turntable images/ Animation mode/ Garment animation making/ Record/ Video capture/ edit timeline.

Exercise 10.3: Render a garment with customize render settings.

Assignment 10: Stylize your avatar with custom pose/ background/ HDRI/ hair/ shoes/ face/ size etc.

Week 10: Introduction to Thinking Particles

Class 1 : Graphic/ Edit graphic and graphic properties/ Colorway mode/ Create colorway/ Edit texture and color/ BOM mode.

Exercise 11.1: Create a colorway for any garment and change its color and texture.

Class 2 : Preferences/ gizmo axis/ edit ruler/ grid display/ 3d background/ 3d shadow/ ground/ camera setting/ wind effect/ simulation speed.

 Exercise11.2: Customize ruler/ grid display/ 3D background/ 3D shadow as your need.

Class 3 : Fabric/ Iridescence color setting/ print on fabric/ fabric information/ material type/ texture editor/ fur/ glitter/ fabric color/ edit texture/ physical property detail setting/ adjust stretch warp-weft/ shear/ adjust rendering thickness/ adjust collision thickness/ open-save fabric file.

 Exercise 11.3: Customize your garment with fabric/color/print/sheerness/thickness etc.

Assignment 11: Make a video animation using motion/ wind effect/ turntable/ catwalk motion with stage or customize background/HDRI.

Week 11: Introduction to MoGraph

Class 1 : Digital presentation/ Folded shirt/ Hangered shirt.

Exercise 12.1: Fold a shirt using modular configurator.

Class 2 : Animation/ preset motions/ wind effect/ turntable, Discussion & problem solving.

 Exercise 12.2: Make a turntable video of any garment.

Class 3 : Discussion & problem solving.


Assignment 12: Create a digital portfolio using rendered images/ videos etc.

Week 12: Introduction to Non-Linear Animation in the Timeline

Class 1 : Basic Skirt pattern drafting using CLO 3D/ Arrangement of 2D pattern on 3D avatar using arrangement points/ Stitching the 3D garment on avatar/ pattern correction using fit map, stress map, pressure point.

 Exercise 5.1: Collect 10 basic skirt images.

Class 2 : Skirt variations using basic skirt pattern in CLO 3D.

 Exercise 5.2: Collect 10 images for skirt variation designs.

Class 3 : Dress making using basic bodice, skirt and sleeve pattern using pattern manipulation and trims.

 Exercise 5.3: Collect 10 images for dresses.

Assignment 5: Make a skirt variation including buttons/zipper etc.


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