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Metafashion Virtual Garment
Construction Virtual Garment Creation
Metafashion 6 Month Course

Duration : 6 Month
 Fees : Rs. 55,000/-
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 2 Months Paid Internship

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About Course

3D garment technology has created a whole new set of creative and management job opportunities in fashion industry. 3D garment designers are involved at every stage from concept to marketing.

Understanding 3d technology for fashion designers is absolute must to convert their creative and technical understanding of garments in to feasible virtual garments and participate in the new age fashion business practices.


Introduction to Metafashion business management

Fashion Styling, creating complete look and storytelling with garments

Fashion forecasting and trends for textile, fits and product categories

Advance pattern development and use of compatible formats to achieve production ready garments.

Designing and developing textile print, textures and regulating tactile properties of materials.

Understanding of advance garment construction elements and trend fits

Virtual fashion show


Introduction to Metafashion business practices

Appreciation of Fashion

Introduction to textile and tactile properties for virtual aesthetics

Introduction to garment and garment construction elements for realistic virtual representation of garments.

Fashion forecasting and trends for textile, fits and product categories

Introduction to Fashion Styling and looks



Advance pattern development on illustrator & exporting to CLO

Design and Development of virtual textile- print, textures, and tactile properties

Virtual creation of- Advance garment construction elements and trend fits

Layering and simulation of complete look

Virtual fashion show


  • Fundamentals of Computer
  • CLO 3D
  • Adobe Illustrator CC 2020
  • Adobe Photoshop CC 2020
  • Adobe Indesign
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Krita
  • Inkscape
  • Maya Unlimited 2018
  • Adobe After Effects Professional CC
Job Profiles

Graphic Designer | Visualizer | Publisher | Photo Editor | DTP Operator | Cartoonist | Illustrator | Artist Advertisement Co. jobs | 3D Modeler | Lighting Artist | Texturing Artist | Rendering Artist | Rigging Artist

Session Plan

Introduction to Metafashion business and creating value through NFT

Creative concepts of NFTs for Gaming and Metaverse- Research, case studies and understanding creative parameters

Creative conceptualization of NFTs for Metaverse

Defining creative and technical parameters

Virtual Fashion Styling

STYLE- Culture, Identity, expression

Appreciation of Fashion subcultures, counter cultures, fads

Fashion Styling and design elements of garments & accessories

Exercise: Develop a mood board and material board based on a creative brief and develop a CLO library of materials, textures and avatars

Virtual environment and story telling

Fashion accessorizing and trends

Fashion forecasting and trends for textile, fits and product categories_ trend-based product development for fashion merchandise.

Exercise: Fashion concept generation for Virtual garments

CLO 3D- Avatar Styling

Finding avatars from web and converting them into CLO avatars

  • Free websites for avatars
  • Use auto convert to avatar tool in CLO
  • Using Mixamo for rigging/animations

Introduction to daz3D for avatars

  • Overview of daz3D – ½ hour
  • How to download daz3D – ½ hour
  • Basic posing and rigging in daz3D – ½ hour
  • How to export and use daz3D avatars into CLO – ½ hour
  • Download and use free daz3D assets from web – 1 hour

Avatar Styling- Accessorize, Hair & Makeup using photoshop and virtual asset application.

  • How to use different textures with different avatars
  • Use Photoshop for makeup
  • Find accessories and make your avatar wear it.

Assignment: Avatar Styling

Based on the creative concept, conceptualize and

  • Create fully rigged avatar and give it an animation.
  • Makeup and Hair Styling
  • Make her/him wear undergarments just using textures.
Advance pattern development on illustrator & exporting to CLO

Creating patterns on illustrator with avatar measurements

  • How to take avatar measurements? (Using tape measure, 3D pen) – 1 hour
  • Create a trouser pattern using advance pattern making techniques in Illustrator –demonstration

Export and import into CLO (different settings)


Create a trouser and jacket patterns and import into CLO with proper fit

Advance pattern making from Basic Blocks

Understanding the basic blocks

  • Understand difference between baseline and internal lines, convert baseline to internal line and vise-versa, use of trace tool– 1 hour
  • Create Symmetric patterns with sewing

Converting basic blocks into advance patterns

  • Create intricate jacket pattern from basic jacket block- symmetric Pattern (demonstration)

Creating intricate patterns using 3D Pen tool – 2 hours

  • Understand 3D pen(avatar), 3D pen (garment) and 3D base pen
  • Create advance jacket and trouser using 3D pen tools – demonstration

Contouring concepts for patterns- Contouring principle- Illustrator/sketching/ use of basic block to develop various styles

Structured garments concepts- Structured garment pattern development/ Illustrator/use of basic block

Design and Development of virtual textile- print, textures and tactile properties

Understand the fabric property editor

  • Introduction to fabric physical properties

Understanding and creating of different maps using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe illustrator to create textures – 11 hours

  • Difference between PBR textures and Substance materials – 1 hour
  • Difference between texture, normal, displacement, opacity, roughness, metalness maps – 1 hour
  • Understand material types in CLO (in depth) – 2 hours
  • Understand texture editor inside CLO – 1 hour
  • Create tileable textures from a photograph – 2 hours
  • Create seamless patterns in Photoshop/illustrator – 1 hour
  • How to use logo prints and make it different print types (using maps and material types) – 1 hour


  • Create one PBR texture using photograph from web.
  • Show the same texture in different material type and get the best results.

Create texture using texture editor (for texture and normal maps too) inside CLO (use desaturation)


Advance garment construction elements and trend fits

Understanding of different trims and how to use it


  • Use of Trims such as buttons, zippers, buckles. – ½ hour
  • Create (with fabric and export it as .obj file)/register trims inside CLO – 1 hour
  • Understand textures of zippers, buttons, buckles 

Understand and use of stitch lines and puckering – 3 hours

  • Stitch types, difference between obj stitch and texture stitch (in depth) – 1 hour
  • Create different stitches with textures – 1 hour

Use of puckering (create normal maps from scratch)


  • Create dress/trouser/top and do surface ornamentation just using stitches and puckering
Virtual Styling- Layering and simulation of complete look

Understand the animation window and simulation properties

  • Complete guide to the animation window – ½ hour
  • Understand simulation qualities and their properties
  • Time step
  • Number of simulations
  • CG finish condition
  • CG iteration count
  • CG Residual
  • Self-collision
  • Air dumping
  • Gravity
  • Linear VS nonlinear simulation
  • GPU simulation
  • Collisions (self, cloth-avatar)
  • Proximity detection
  • Intersection resolution

working with layers and different methods to simulate the garment with avatar animations – 2 hours

Demonstrate multi-layer garment simulation with walk animation + jump animation

Understand and create trims for best simulation results – 2 hours

  • Create trims from fabric and use it for best simulation – demonstration


Create multi-layer garment (with trims made by fabric) simulation with walk animation + jump animation

Virtual fashion show

Understand Render properties – 2 hour

In depth knowledge about render engines (V-Ray being used in CLO) how does it work. – 2 hours

  • GPU rendering
  • CPU rendering
  • Finish conditions

Understand and use of default 3D stages 

Understand the light setup of default stages, how to use it. 

How to place audience in the default stages as OBJs

Create manual Environment and light setup within CLO 

  • Use of fabric and different maps (displacement, normal, texture) and picture for the background 
  • Use of different elements and Lights (in render window) to create environment within CLO


Create custom stage (with audience) and light setup and record a virtual fashion show of at least 3 ensembles.

Introduction to application of Virtual garments in metaverse

Introduction to different exports

  • Difference between FBX, OBJ, GLTF, GLB, Alembic (OGAWA/HDF5), OBJ sequence, DXF, JSON, MDD, MAYA) -0 where do we use

Introduction – Redefining the garments in different softwares

  • Introduction to sculpting software- Z-brush

Exercise creating refined textures

Introduction – Redefining the garments in different software

  • Introduction to sculpting software -Blender

Use of Sculpting software

Introduction to skinning the garments

Introduction to Marvelous Designer

Difference between CLO and Marvelous designer

FINAL PROJECT- Development of a concept for gaming/NFT/Fashion brand

Conceptualization, creation and final presentation of the product in the form of metaverse marketplace/Brand presentation/brand promotion content

Final Project- Concept Presentation and Concept review

Final Project Concept Approval

Final Project

Student’s Work

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